Gente & Moda, has been working with passion since 1953

Since 1953, Gente & Moda has been synonymous with quality clothes sold at the right price. Our task is to give our customers a wide choice of clothes made with care and sold with warehouse price: from ceremonial ware for men to office suits

Gente & Moda Italian tailoring

Our clothes' company offers collections for every size, a wide choice of suits for men, wedding dresses for men and women and a wide range of accessories. Everything is characterised by a perfect connection between price and quality.

The passion with the care for details and an accurate choice of the drapery allow us to create particular collections cured in every detail. Every suit has researched feautures that distinguish our product from the others.

Thanks to a stylist research and to a careful selection of the materials, our ceremonial clothes can satisfy any preferences. We offer kinds of models paying attention to Italian tailor tradition. Traditional Italian suits, which mix traditional Italian elegance with contemporary trends are the result.

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